Courses and retreat information

Every summer we offer retreats which are ideal for Italian language and culture weeks, cookery courses, weddings and out door activities and the Valle de Argentina and of course the apartments are also available for holiday rentals. However you do it, take time out to enjoy the very best of Italy, away from the crowds and the hectic pace of the cities and more famous sites.

We can accommodate groups of up to 28 people in 7 houses (this is based on guests sharing bedrooms). Additional bed and breakfast accommodation for up to another 15 people is also available within the village.

Baiardo is ideal for:

Meditation, Walking, Yoga, Relaxation Therapy, Creative Writing, Painting, Theatre, Singing, Cycling, Sculpturing, History and Literature, Mask Making and Performance and Cultural Exchange.

We are also happy to arrange Italian Language and Cookery Classes for groups or individuals. These will both take place in the village:

Italian Language - the lessons emphasize practical, functional Italian taught through activities, games and drama. Courses depend on group size and instructor availability.
Italian Cookery - the lessons and recipes focus on simple, local dishes including pasta and pizza cooked in a traditional wood oven.

Prices are negotiable and vary depending on group size and the season. As a basic idea, accommodation is around 70-140 per person per week. Food, classes and the hiring of extra space in the village if required, will be extra with the option of a large room accommodating up to 100 people being available in the local nursery school, at a cost of approx. 35 per day.
We will be happy to provide food for groups to prepare their own breakfast consisting of cereal, bread, yoghurt, cheese, biscuits, fruit (dried and fresh), juice, coffee and tea.
There are spectacular, uninterrupted views from our secluded grassy terrace of approx. 12X8 metres near to the accommodation. This area is ideal for meditation, yoga, painting and drawing etc. Another larger, grassy public terrace is also available, together with the inside area of the ruined church. Although the church has no roof it can be used for workshops, performances etc. Relax and feel its energy and past history!

WEDDINGS: Should you wish to consider the magical experience of getting married in Baiardo, please contact us for further information.

If you are interested in organising and running a short course or series of workshops in Baiardo, we would be delighted to discuss your ideas.

Whatever you decide to do in Baiardo, the choice is yours to experience a truly memorable holiday!

In the mountains of Liguria, you will experience a retreat with spectacular views - with a difference.