Holiday. What Does Baiardo Have To Offer?

The peaceful Italian village of Baiardo awaits you. Steeped in history and atmosphere, the village offers breathtaking views of the French Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. Baiardo allows you to relax and rediscover the richest flavours in life while showcasing the history of the last 2000 years. Its narrow, cobbled streets, medieval arches and buildings, combined with dramatic mountaintop setting, cannot fail to inspire the romance and charm that small-town Italy has to offer.
Baiardo is a place where you can relax, read, write, meditate, explore, exercise or paint. It is both a place of solitude and a place of community. If you prefer to be alone, you will find ample space and privacy; if you prefer to socialize, you will find the village locals to be warm and inviting. In any case, you can live simply, quietly and at your own pace in a very authentic part of Italy that the tour guides have not yet discovered.
The landscape surrounding Baiardo is steep but accessible. There are several signposted hikes as well as small historic villages to visit in the area, each with their own special history. For a more relaxing approach, you can also take a chair onto one of the terraces and enjoy the sun and sunsets over the French Alps where they rise to an elevation of 3000 metres.
The village offers essential services, including three restaurants, two grocery shops, three bars/cafes, a post office and a Catholic Church. Parking spaces are located in the centre of the village as the historic core is closed off to traffic.
Baiardo The pleasures of the Italian table are taken seriously in Liguria, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy both regional and national dishes prepared to perfection. In Baiardo, you can sip wine, sample the local taggiasco olive oil, and savour many exquisite flavours, including pasta with fresh pesto, oven-baked pizza, risotto, wild boar, and fresh pastries from the Re Culeta cafè. Also look out for the special grappa at Massimo's restaurant, especially the one flavoured with pieces of oak. But be aware of its bite!